Our situations changing from day to day
I saw this post on facebook that said "I hope the last 3 months of 2017 have the plot twist you were hoping for."

My life has certainly taken a plot twist but I don't know if it's the one I was hoping for exactly. Sometimes what you want and what's good for you aren't the same things.

It's weird because on one hand I feel relieved and happy with how well things went considering the circumstances, but also I feel sad, and scared? Maybe? I'm not sure. It's a lot of feelings and they're all kind of muddy.

My emotions have definitely been a little erratic lately, I'll go from content to ecstatic to upset to worried (and really anything else) all within a few minutes. When I woke up this morning I was really really happy and then within a few minutes I was crying in bed. I decided to get up and make cookies.

It's weird because there are some things in my life that are going really well and I'm really happy for those things. But I almost feel guilty for feeling happy, and of course there's other stuff going on that I'm not happy about. I feel guilty a lot.

Sorry this is weird and cryptic and poorly self reflective. Blah blah blah.

I think about my future and I have no idea what I'm doing. Well that's a lie, I have a little bit of an idea. It's weird and scary, but maybe exciting.

This month is going by too fast, it's silly but I'm starting to see expiration dates on things that are past when Miki leaves and it just makes me sad. It's also frustrating because it seems like whenever it's almost time for Miki to go suddenly work wants to call me in every chance they can. Why don't you call me in when she's not here?????? Oh well. I am finally learning to say no, but I feel weird and guilty about that too.

Zack's last day was yesterday, I'm not looking forward to not seeing him at work. I'm praying for my transfer. I need to talk to the store managers which is intimidating but I'll do it. I'm thankful for this job because not only am I learning to decorate cakes I feel like I'm learning a lot about dealing with people in a business setting and I'm learning how to be more confrontational. It's important and these are all pushes I needed.

Miki is asleep on the sofa and I'm going to tidy and finish the cookies and Fall Out Boy is playing in the background and the house is cold and it's a really nice day. I'm glad I'm home today.

Our friend Armaldo is coming over later and I'm excited, I hope we have fun. I think we will. We're going ot eat food and who knows what.

Permanently yours
Sometimes the moon looks brighter than the sun
As times like this run up my wrist
She hates all of the guts and blood
Splash around with me while we move like flames on burning sheets
And your doctor won't stop calling me her medication

You got two black eyes from loving too hard
Lately it seems like my life motto is "It's always something."

Things are quickly going to shit at work, all of the people I really enjoy working with are quitting. I admittedly cried because my favorite manager is moving stores. The decorator who is back from maternity leave hates me and is doing everything she can to make mine and Key's life at work as hard as possible. The new manager is a tyrant. She's mean to everyone and is making the whole work environment terrible.

To say the least I put in a transfer, I'm hopeful it'll go through and I can be at the store near my house. I was only staying at the Publix I work at now because I genuinely enjoyed everyone I worked with. There's no reason for me to drive 30-40 minutes to work every day to a place where everyone is terrible. It sounds like there's a pretty good chance I will get transferred since I'm part time. The one perk of not being full time yet.

I have a lot on my mind lately, and it's all confusing. I wish work was still good. It sounds really pathetic but I just want to cry thinking how I'm not going to see all my favorite co-workers every day anymore. I haven't been there that long but I really was feeling at home there. Coming from a job where I literally hated everyone, and then having a job where I actually really care about everyone and enjoy seeing them. It was refreshing and weird and nice. Things will work out.

It's ironic to think about because I remember when I started my new job all I could think was I'm not here to make friends I'm here to do a good job and go home. I don't like people and being friends with co-workers makes things complicated. Now I have most of my co-workers numbers and we call and chat and sometimes hang out when we can. Being friends does sometimes make things complicated, but it's also really nice to go in and look forward to seeing people.

Miki and I are going to go on a date to Destin on tuesday to get the new vulpix build-a-bear for her. I'm excited, I need to look up where we will go to eat! And We're all going to my Dad's house tomorrow for dinner. I also finally picked a date that Miki and I will hang out with Armaldo. It's silly but I'm proud of myself for making plans, it's never really been a thing I'm good at but I think I've really stepped up.

I've been doing my arm workouts every day and running with Miki when we can and also doing the elliptical, I feel proud but also I still worry I'm gaining weight. It's probably just in my head.

Time to finish dinner and do some art and maybe go to bed not super late so I can wake up early tomorrow!

And if you listen you can hear me through the radio
In that bright white noise

I am a collapsing star with tunnel vision, but only for you
I've been wanting to journal but I've been busy and tired (what's new)

Things have been interesting enough though since my last journal. I had a really horrible day at work, it was a busy day and we had tons of cake orders and 4 wedding cake orders, which originally I thought was 5. So I did 5 wedding cakes in total. One wasn't until next weekend which is annoying, and two of them ended up falling during the delivery which was terrible and humiliating. It was worse because my old manager, Gary, was there as a stand in that day. I love Gary and I just want to impress him and also not cause him problems so the fact that it happened that day was worse. The perfect end to the perfect day was that I dropped one of my fallen cakes all over myself as I was going to throw it in the trash compactor. I somehow managed to not cry all day until I got in the car. I came home and cried to Miki but she made me smile even though I was really upset, she's great like that.

We also have our new manager now, her name is Amanda. She used to be the manager at this publix and she's back and I got a call from Key my co-worker today venting. Apparently she is being really strict and abrasive. I'm a little nervous to go back to work but also I know Key can be a little over dramatic so we will see.

I'm a little sad because the people I really like in the bakery keep transferring/leaving/quitting. People come and go though but I was really enjoying everyone there.

In non work related news things have been really nice at home, Miki and I have been watching Bob's Burgers which is actually really cute. I know we're late to the party but it's fun to watch shows with her. I've been trying lots of new recipes and making yummy stuff which is fun.

We've been running lots too, which is fun except yesterday we a random aggressive dog came out of nowhere. It was really frightening but we're okay and we were able to get away. I'm mad though, I wish people would keep their dogs in their houses or back yards and also train them better, lots of people run around this neighborhood and someone could get really hurt. Also I just want to be fit with my girlfriend and not be scared of running around our little neighborhood. Uhg.

Tomorrow we're going to go out and ship stuff and go to brunch and I'm excited! We're also going to go to different gamestops to hopefully find pokemon merch which will be fun, I hope we find the new lycanroc tomy figure also maybe. I really want it! We found the tomy figure set with sylveon and umbreon which is amazing and I'm super happy about it!

Tattoos: I have a cyndaquil tattoo on my arm and a small heart behind my ear and I'm excited to get more tattoos in the future :)
Surgeries: None yet knock on wood
Broken bones: Nopity nope
Shot a gun: Yes once my brother let me shoot a shot gun but I don't remember much
Quit a job: Yep, I quit my first job a few months ago for personal reasons.
Flown on a plane: Yes lots of times! I love flying
100+miles in car: I actually don't think so
Gone zip lining: Nope.
Watched someone give birth: No thankyou
Watched someone dying: My Grandma on my Mom's side lived with us while she was dying of lung cancer
Ridden in an ambulance: Nope

Been to:
... Canada:
Nope! Eh
... Europe: Yeah I went and stayed with my family who lives in Nurnburg Germany! I was about 11 and it was really fun walking around and eating bratwurst and bread! I also went to the expensive teddy bear store
... Washington D.C: Nope! I could have went for a class trip in like 5th grade but I didn't want to
... Florida: Not only have I been but I am stuck here in my own personal humid hell
... Asia: No but I'm planning a trip to Japan with Miki hopefully next year!
... Australia: No
... Los Angeles: No but I'd like to go

Sang karaoke: Nope! I'm really really shy about singing in front of people. But I hope to do karaoke with Miki in Japan someday. Hopefully I'll be brave enough to sing :P
Had a pet: I've had lots of family pets! Not always ones I've liked haha. But my own pets I've had are two turtles, a cat (who I really miss), a snake (who I also miss), and Macaroni the pupper
Been skiing/snowboarding: Nope.
Ran in a 5k: Yeah but usually I go with my family and they end up just walking so I guess I haven't technically "Ran" in one. I'm going top run in one at the end of the Month with Miki and I'm really excited!
Ability to read music: no :[
Rode a motorcycle: Yeah I used to ride on the back of my Dads
Rode a horse: Nope!
Stayed in a hospital: Not for my own injuries but I've stayed because my Mom was in the hospital
Driven a stick shift: Nah
Ride in Police Car: Nope.
Driven a Boat: I've driven a jet ski does that count
Eaten Escargot: They taste like mushrooms
Run out of Gas: No which is surprising since I like to test it
Eat Sushi: I love sushi!

I've been saving myself for you
What's one thing you wish you could say to someone you are no longer friends with?
As much as you hurt me I'll never forget how special our friendship was before you changed. I still wish we could go back to being friends

what are three things you want to do before you die?
1. Go to Japan with Miki and see all the places she loves :)
2. Move somewhere that isn't Florida
3. One was meet Fall Out Boy/ see them in concert but I did it. So do it again!

What is your proudest accomplishment?
Quitting my Job and distancing myself from my toxic relationship with my Mom.

What type of person do you hope to be?

Someone really strong, maybe both physically and emotionally. And also someone who is maybe a little cool (I'm not cool oops)

Who/what makes you feel safe?
Being near Miki/ going to sleep and waking up next to her. When I lay my head on Reagans lap and she runs her hand through my hair. Holding this weird old pillow and wrapping myself up in it (it's a long body pillow)

Are you an indecisive person?
I can't decide (yes :P)

Have you ever changed something you liked about yourself to satisfy someone else?
Yes, it's something I'm kind of weird about but I used to be really heavily influenced by people I like and if they didn't like something I would stop liking it too just because. I don't do it as much anymore, but also I'm embarassed that I used to be that way ^^;

What are you most afraid of?
Being extremely overweight/ Being without money (or means to make money)/ going back to where I was mentally and emotionally a few years ago

Who is someone you will never forget?
My cat Oakley

Who is someone you trust to help you make the right decisions?


Where do you feel most at home?
My sofa with the girls I love

What's one thing that always makes you feel better when you're upset?
Back rubs, Music, exercise (okay that's three things)

What's one thing that helps you fall asleep when it feels impossible?

Thinking about sweet things that Miki has said to me throughout the day <3

I had a nice little day off! It's my last day off until Miki is here! I'm so excited!
I got a lot of stuff done today. I made some cookies for Reagan to take with her on her trip to Illinois, I packed AND shipped some stuff I sold on the pokemon community. It's honestly a huge accomplishment for me to finish packing and shipping all in one day. (I like to procrastinate)

I was excited I thought I was going to go to my favorite mexican restaurant with my dad this evening but he ended up being busy so Reagan and I decided to go get sushi instead which is also good. I really like to go to the mexican place for the margaritas anyway so I don't mind waiting until Miki is here because she's my favorite drinking buddy. After dinner we walked around Pier park and picked up some things and went down to the beach to see the sunset. There's still an oddly large amount of tourists here even though it's the end of september? Please go home?

I found out about this rock music festival that happens in a town a few hours away from here and some of Miki and I's favorite bands are going to be at it so I want to look into it later, but I need to go to bed for now since I need to be up early for work tomorrow! I'm really excited though

So melodramatic, but it turns me on
I close my eyes it feels just like a movie
I'm convinced that we don't make sense
But, I'd kill anyone who gets close

The world still moves on (I live for this, but I'd die for you)
I was called into work today! I don't really mind I definitely need the money and it wasn't a super long work day or anything.

The worst part is that I'm really weird about doing my workout routine in the morning before I go in so when I get called in sometimes they call me in before I've gotten to do it and I low key stress about it all day. I'm definitely less bad about it than I used to be but still.

Never the less it was a good day and I got stuff done and there were a few annoying customers but whatever.

I did find out one of my managers is stepping down due to personal issues with one of the store managers and I'm sad about it and low key worried because change is weird but it'll be okay. Hopefully the new manager is nice and I hope Lisa is happy working at a different store location.

I've spent the evening talking to Miki and I got my run done and I think I did pretty well even though it was pretty warm out and I was kind of tired! I even got some drawing done that I had wanted to do so I'd say today was a success.

I'm going to wake up early tomorrow and act like I'm going into work because there's a good chance I'll get called in again and I'd rather be ready and then have the day off then not be ready.

In other news I found the first pumpkin spice oreos of the season and I'm waiting to eat them with Miki and I am honestly so fucking pumped. The packaging even looks delicious good god. My house is oreos.

Reminder to myself that I have a question meme saved that I want to do tomorrow but I need to go to bed and I tend to spend way too much time on those things.

Oh also I got to hang out with my friend Austin last night and it was fun, I'm glad we ended up doing it last night and not today for obvious reasons. We talked about life stuff, he's considering quitting his job and if he does that he'll probably move. I'd miss him but he hates it here as much as I do so it'd maybe be a really good change of pace for him. I'm excited to not live here one day that's for damn sure. He also cooked really yummy steak and it was nice! I'm excited for him and Miki to (finally) meet when she comes to visit, we're going to plan something. I dunno what yet but it'll probably involve food and probably pumpkin spice since he also loves pumpkin spice.

I really hope we have some cool weather for Fall, it's almost a laughable wish but I'd really love to just have some crisp fall air. I can't wait to not live in Florida.

Street lights passing
Every one gets me a heartbeat closer
To where it started beating
Keep me feeling safe and sound

But it's you I can't deny
Time for a 3 day weekend again! (The perks of being a part time employee) I'm going to work on a little to do list for today and maybe one for the next 3 days just so I kind of know what I'm doing. If I don't have a little structure after about a day and a half I'll just sit around and eat and be weird.

Last night Reagan and I went on a little movie date and it was nice, it started to rain so we walked to the theatre and by the time we got there from the car we were soaked. We decided to stay in the theatre even though the movie didn't start for about a half hour and we ate movie snacks and sat in the hallway and talked about my family and movies and whatever. It was nice! We saw the new Lego movie, Reagan loves the lego movies. They're cute and really silly.

I had noticed all evening I was really tired, which isn't really an unusual thing for me but it was a different kind of tired. Then near the end of the movie I felt a disturbance in my uterus. I started my period, which is bittersweet because it's never fun but I'm happy it started on my days off and I'll be done before Miki is here!

After the movie we walked over to the Sushi place since it wasn't raining anymore but it's closed for renovations so we decided to go to Panera for dinner. I got soup because I was cold from being wet and in a chilly theatre so the warm soup was extra yummy! We went back home and fell asleep pretty soon after! It was a nice evening! We also now have the new pokemon games pre-ordered and Reagan has her new Skyrim game pre-ordered!

I'm having fun thinking of all my future plans, there's a lot of stuff to look forward to and I'm really happy. I'm trying to also appreciate the moment though. I've noticed most of my life I'm usually busy looking forward to the future or thinking about the past, so I try to make myself appreciate the moment too. I think it's a pretty natural thing to do, future plans are exciting and past memories are (or can be) comforting. I love being comfy, yet excited. Things are really nice right now though so I definitely want to take the time to be in the moment, so later on I can look back and appreciate it too. Time is weird.

One more day and one more bagel down until Miki is here!

Close your eyes
Picture you and I
Selling daylight for gasoline

Lips that need no introduction
Wow today was a day. I kind of expected it when I got a text from my co-worker this morning saying I was going to have to deliver a wedding cake today because her car isn't big enough.

I was a little nervous before work just because I had never delivered a wedding cake but I need to learn sometime right?

So She worked on all the wedding cakes, and was supposed to do all of the cake orders while I worked on stuff to fill bakery case and what not. I had to keep jumping in and helping with cake orders though. So finally it came time to deliver the cake and as we were getting ready to go my manager opened the box and the cake Key, my Co-Worker, did was tilted from sliding. She put too much filling in the middle and also made the icing too runny with almond extract. It was a mess. It was also a huge 3 tier cake so Zack, my manager suggest we just go and try to deliver it as is and give a discount and see what happens. Of course by the time we get to the wedding venue the top tier of the cake has slid completely off the cake.

I remade this cake from nothing in about 20 minutes. It was stressful but I'm proud! Key was trying to be really negative the whole time saying things about how "I don't know how you're going to do this, there's not even enough buttercream, blah blah blah." It's frustrating.

I'm the one fixing your problem and you're really going to try to discourage me right now?

Tomorrow it's just me on the decorators side so I'm happy because I like working by myself, it's going to be a busy day because the floor is still really empty because I was busy fixing Key's mistakes.

On the flipside according to my girlfriend and also one of my co-workers who i affectionately refer to as spicy grandma, I look like a sexy librarian in my glasses. I'm giggling. I'm also considering wearing them more often maybe.

I hope one day I'm a really talented decorator, I feel like I say that a lot but I really feel like maybe I do have a talent for this and I actually feel like I'm learning a lot right now. So I'm hopeful!

In other news my car is now cleaned out and I actually accomplished some things tonight before I passed out so I'm proud of me! Now it's time to go pass out!

Just like summer's after spring,
You'll be there for me,
Just like my favorite song,
I'll put you on repeat,
Just like the air I breathe,
You are my everything,

This is our future (from what we've heard) And I've still got your hand
There's always so much I want to do after work but a lot of the time I'm just so tired when I'm done. I'm extra tired today so I might go to bed a little early.

Today was nice though, I got up on time and got to talk to Miki most of the morning which always makes for a great start to the day. I went running and did a really good job in my opinion! Sometimes I surprise myself. I was feeling a little anxious about work today but it ended up being a good day, nothing spectacular but a normal day. I much prefer a boring normal day to an interestingly bad one.

Sometimes I get really easily overwhelmed by my own feelings, not necessarily bad feelings. It's hard to explain. There's just so much I want to do or say to express a feeling but I don't feel like I have the words, the time, or the ability. I just think about it and think about it. It's not really a problem it's just something I've noticed I do sometimes.

On the other hand I haven't been feeling very talkative lately at work, which I don't think is really a problem but sometimes I worry that the co-workers I like will think it's because I don't like them or something. I just like to be quiet sometimes, also I'm really terrible at coming up with conversations.

Reagan's little brother is out of the hospital now and is doing well so that's good! She talked to my mom and dad, her bosses, about taking some time off to go see her family up in Illinois since she's been worried. They approved it and she's actually leaving the day Miki get's here! I'm excited she gets to go she seems really happy, and i'm glad Miki will be here so I won't be home alone! Also it'll be fun to just have the house to ourselves for a week!

I'm sitting here thinking about pizza but I don't need to eat another piece but man, it's so good!

When memories fade
We've got each other
When time and confusion collide
Singin' I hold it all when I hold you
When friends walk other ways
We've got each other
I hold it all when I hold

Follow me Down the streams of sweat on your body
My stomach has been weird on and off for the past two days and it's annoying and I'd like it to stop! It kind of feels like I might start my period soon but I don't think it's time. However I am extremely irregular so that doesn't really mean much but we will see.

There was a shooting at Reagan's little brother and sister's school yesterday and there was only one person who got injured, unfortunately it was her brother. It was really scary to hear about, Reagan was especially freaked out of course. Luckily his side and his hand were only grazed with a bullet from what I understand. He's in the hospital and doing well, I guess the doctors are keeping a watch on his lung for reasons I don't understand? I'm confident he will be okay though, I'm really glad nothing more serious happened.

Otherwise yesterday was a good day (it sounds weird and insensitive when I say it like that????) Anyhow I did well on my run and got the house cleaned up and I was actually in a drawing mood so I doodled a lot! I want to get back into drawing my little daily comics so I'm going to try to do that more regularly.

I also got to celebrate Rosh Hashanah with Miki yesterday, it was long distance celebrating but I had fun seeing pictures of the dinner her family had, I wished I could have been there! I am going to try to make it so that I can bet there next year, not just for the food of course! (But I mean!) I did have little apples and honey myself though and I ate them while they were eating so it was a little like I was there.

I need to figure out what I'm doing today, I kept myself pretty busy the past two days but I kind of feel like being a blob on the sofa all day today so I dunno we'll see. I do have some things I want to draw, I need to clean the bathrooms! I kind of want to go for a walk later, but I'm definitely going to wait until the sun is going down, it's been really warm. I mean of course, it is Florida. But uhg though.

I've been thinking about the future a lot lately, I don't really know what I see but I'm excited for it maybe.

You give so much more than they give you credit for
This world shuts down
But your heart is an open door
You kept running around, running yourself down
Take a breath, take a second and you'll see
everything that I've got is everything you need
Not much but I'll give you all of me

Oh, dear, It's been hardly three days And I'm longing to feel your embrace.
Have you ever experienced being hysterical?
Yeah it's maybe scary

What would your dream date be like?
Going for a nice walk somewhere while holding hands and talking about cute/fun stuff, then maybe getting a coffee and some snacks. Then maybe lots of kisses

Two people you want to be with right now.
Miki and I dunno also Miki

How do you do your hair/makeup? Why?
I just let my hair do it's own thing and hope for the best! I like to cake on the eyeliner hashtag the emo never dies

Write about your first crush. Who was it?
Hmmmmmmmmm I think my first "crush" was my best boy friend named josh but I was like 6 and I was very business-like about it. Apparently I was like, his dad is a good husband and makes a lot of money so I think Josh would be a good husband xD MY first maybe actual crush that I remember was my friend named Earl and I thought he was really cool and I was surprised he wanted to hang out with me and also everyone could tell I had a crush on him because I followed him around like a lost puppy. He was a few years older than me and we went to the same after school program together and we would play paper mario.

Get something off your chest
I think it's really annoying that two of the people I work with who goof off the most and have some of the worst work ethic think they're better than everyone else and work harder than everyone else. It really bugs me that one of them always says how he believes in team work but he never actually helps out and treats everything like it's not actually team work even. They're also quick to assume the worst about people and assume that everyone else is jsut lazy when they're the lazy ones! Uhg!

What do you think about most?
My cute girlfriend, my relationships in general, if I'm becoming the person I want to be, work, my future, food.

What’s a sound you hate? Love?
I hate the sound of the cake case where I work opening because I know someone is about to bother me to write on a cake xD

I love the sound of emo boy bands screaming at me

Do you prefer being behind the camera or in front of the camera?
Definitely behind, I have weird anxiety about getting pictures taken of me

Do you believe in karma?
I dunno I guess no because I don't really think about it. I feel like most things that are bad luck are just circumstances or random. But also I know sometimes it can feel like you're being punished for things even though logically I know it's not true.

What is your greatest weakness? Strength?
My greatest weakness: Sugary sweet treats

My greatest strength: Uhh I dunno I'm pretty emotionally strong I can stay pretty level headed even if a lot of bad stuff comes my way

Are you easy to get along with?
Ive been told I am, so I guess so!

Name something that makes you happy
Music :)

Name something that makes you furious
People who act like customer service workers are beneath them

What do you say in an awkward silence?

Usually nothing, I prefer to flounder in the awkwardness

What do you miss most about childhood?
My extremely wild imagination

Does your name define you?
I'm pretty sure my name means flower of christ

There is nothing flower-like or christ-like about me

so no

What is your favorite Disney movie?
Lilo and stitch, I love it so much! Stitch is so cute and I cry every time I hear the opening

Favorite time of day?
Sunrise and sunset, I love the pretty colors in the sky and that the weather is usually somewhat mild and nice.

Do you like your style? Do you want to change it? What would you change it to?
I'm happy with my style, it's always evolving and changing.

Who are you closest to?
Miki and Reagan!

How do you think people see you?
I get different answers depending on who it is so I really don't know. Some people htink I'm weird and quiet, some people think I'm sunny and bubbly, some people think I'm mean.

What would pop into someone’s mind when they hear your name?

What has changed in the last year?
Oh gosh so many things, A new job, a new sense of confidence and independence, seperation from a toxic parent (and now mending our relationship), a new amazing relationship with a girl I'm very in love with, new friends, new discoveries about myself. Oh! And my first two tattoos!

Today was a really nice day off. I decided to go out and I got a massage. The massage therapist I had today was hands down the best I've had, I definitely want to get him again. His name is Nick. I've been having some tension in my shoulders and now it's just gone. Thankyou Nick!

Or was his name Andrew.

Oh no.

I also had a somewhat impromptu meet up with my mom for lunch. I was a little nervous about it because our relationship isn't exactly perfect, but it was actually a really nice day. We went to panera and had turkey chili, she tried it too and actually really liked it!

We went around target and bought Halloween stuff and things and then she mentioned she saw cookie butter oreos at wal mart so of course we went to walmart.

We acted silly and wore silly costumes and laughed and it was nice.

Afterwards she headed home and I did a few more errands, I needed to go to Fresh Market to get more corned beef for sandwiches. I got more chicken salad too, hashtag sandwich life. I also looked at the pumpkin spice stuff and took pictures which is always fun for me, but I'm really excited for Miki to be back so we can go on grocery store/pumpkin spice escapades together because it's way more fun with her.

I'm counting my bagels until she's back!

(11 days 9 bagel halves)

Miki and I have been sharing a lot of music and I keep finding old bands I forgot I loved. It's really really fun to rediscover old music, especially with someone who appreciates music in the same way you do. I want to redownload some albums.

Well I gotta have you loving me tonight.
And when my world has become a whirlwind
Will you be my white flag?


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